Central Florida, Inc.
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About Us

COPYFAX Central Florida has been serving the needs of Orlando businesses, both large and small, for over 15 years. James Atteberry incorporated COPYFAX Central Florida, Inc in 1994 and began servicing copiers, printers and fax equipment. Our first customer was Florida Department Of Law Enforcement in Orlando. Although FDLE can't endorse any company, we still service several of their locations today. We service copiers, printers and fax equipment for Orlando companies both large and small. NBC Sports uses our equipment everytime they come to Orlando, they say "We wouldn't use any other company and would recommend COPYFAX Central Florida to anyone" (see our Testimonials page).

We started providing refurbished copiers, printers and fax equipment to our Orlando customers when we started seeing copiers, printers and fax equipment on our lease return lists that had only used one bottle of toner. We secure, inspect and refurbish these machines in our Orlando service department at a fraction of their new cost.  These copiers and printers are like new as long as they are serviced with a Maintenance Agreement. We have companies call us to service used copiers they purchased or leased online, only to find something broken in shipment or refurbishment not as promised. It is always better to purchase or lease your copier or printer from a local service company who will provide a Maintenance Agreement.

COPYFAX Central Florida, Inc. is Orlando's most trusted name in refurbished copiers, printers and fax equipment. 407-774-2802

Why should you purchase or lease your next refurbished copier from an Orlando based service company?

  • Save money
  • Deal with one company for selection, purchase or lease, delivery, warranty and maintenance agreement.
  • Maintenance Agreement renewal guaranteed. 
  • Building a long term business relationship with a local business.
  • Being able to see and demo the equipment before buying or leasing.
  • Upgrading is simple and less expensive.
  • Peace of mind